One of the joys of the independent businessman is meeting people who share an interest in what we do. We offer simple site visits in which we walk through, take a look at your windows and doors, and discuss age, condition, and the source of (and probably solutions to) problem areas we may find. We charge $50.00 for a local site visit of this type which ususally lasts about one hour. If we do not consider your site local, there may be a charge for time spent and travel.

A more formal evaluation may include a written schedule of the windows and/or doors within a property and include a statement of their current condition along with suggestions for their maintenance, repair or replacement.  Pricing for this service will depend on the time required to perform the activities and travel expense involved.

If you are the handy sort of person, and wish to be taught to work on your windows and doors yourself, we are used to making owners a part of our projects. I believe working on your own windows is, in fact, what window makers had in mind 100 years ago.  If you want to get your hands into the project, while leaving the more difficult and dangerous tasks to us, we are here to work with you.

Architectural and Remodeling Professionals may contact us for help in developing cost estimates, plans and specifications for your particular project. We encourage early contact so evaluations may be performed and, what usually are, a wide variety of options considered in advance of beginning work.

Large Picture Window Restoration

Large Picture Window Restoration