Our small shop of artisan craftsmen provides:

  • Complete wooden window and door service including repairs, replacement, weather stripping, reconditioning, and restoration
  • New solid wooden windows and door.
  • High efficiency, custom storm windows (optionally with a Low-E coating)


We are locally owned, licensed, and insured and will gladly provide a list of references for whom we have done work.   I am pleased to talk about my projects and am glad to have many satisfied customers.



We strive to educate home and business owners on the best ways to care for their properties. 

Technical Preservation Brief from NPS U.S. Dept. of the Interior The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows

Custom historic window restoration with protective storm windows in Louisville, Kentucky


Preservation, Restoration, Rehabilitation

lexington ky storm windowsI started this company as a finish carpenter and after working on many older wooden windows and doors, I discovered that the methods and materials used in their making are generally far superior to what is offered in today’s replacements.   I was brought up to not be wasteful and have often found value in the accomplishment of making something fine work again.  Older windows and doors have proven to be just the right challenge and I found the Bluegrass area of Kentucky to offer plenty of this kind of work.   I suppose some of my enthusiasm for the subject has rubbed off on the close group of us that forms this company.

After much research and years of practice we have become a specialty shop aimed at restoring wooden windows and doors to the highest form of the art.  Our goal is to prepare these elements of original design to go on in their lifetime more easily and gain their normal life expectancy of hundreds of years.  We use solid bronze, copper and zinc in fitting weather strip to doors and windows in lasting methods demonstrated by our predecessors.  We also employ modern materials when these have demonstrated improvement in older methods.   I am pleased to offer our services for wooden windows and doors of the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.

Before and After Window Restoration, Frankfort Kentucky

Wooden Window Restoration Frankfort Ky

Wooden Window Restoration Frankfort Ky

Early 1900's Four Square House with New Storm Windows over Restored Wooden Windows

Early 1900s Four Square House with New Storm Windows
over Restored Wooden Windows

Many people are considering the replacement of their older windows and doors with products that seem to offer more, but often only open the door for higher cost over the long run.   Representatives of Kentucky Utilities and Columbia Gas have told me energy efficiency is not a cost effective reason to replace windows.  These pages are meant for those individuals who suspect there may be something worth saving in the windows and doors that

Old Federal Building Frankfort KY

Old Federal Building Frankfort KY

are a part of the original design of their home.   I have repaired, restored and replaced many older and newer windows and have prepared this site with an abundance of information. In it, I will include some potentially cost effective solutions to the problems of energy efficiency, longevity and appearance.

Storm Windows Lexington Ky

“The craftsmanship was of the highest quality and our windows and doors now work “like new” while maintaining the original charm of old. We are delighted that our home is more comfortable and energy efficient …”
– Arleen Johnson and Mickey Jones